Diahann Carrol was known as Nurse Julia in the TV-serie in the 60ties. S he became so famous, they produced a doll like her. People who are a bit younger than that, will remember her for her role in Dynasty in the 80ties.

Her name was Carol Diahann Johnson born july 1935. When she became an actress she changed her name to Diahann Carrol. The world lost a glamorous Icon and actress She died oct. 2019 due to Breast Cancer.
Her hair has oxydied into a beautiful garnet red. 
That made me think of singer artist Rihanna. I dressed her in Lemon Kick, that has a pink ribbon, an I gave her 60-ties pink closed Barbie pump shoes on, silver bracelets and a silver colored cellephone. She is stunning! I made her jewelries with Swarovski crystals.

Doll and Lemon Kick set is in wonderful condition, no sun bleach to the set. Top can be used as a dress alone. It includes mini shorts.
Doll in Lemon Kick 1950 dkr.
Extra Pumps closed toe 250 kr.